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Design & Furniture Store 

Indonesia Jaffa



phothograpy asaf karela

phothograpy sivan askayo

pr maya karvat

Branding for a unique accessories store in the heart of Jaffa and the flea market, at the point between the sea and the antiques of Jaffa. In this project, our initial goal was an investigation, search, and accurate characterization of the brand's values. This is so we can understand the target audience and future marketing needs. Only after this stage of building the initial project backbone - did we go in search of a design language that would reflect all the ideas and needs of this emerging brand. Our area of ​​responsibility was the establishment of a visual language that included a distinct and rich logo with colorful language. Later, after the characterization and branding were complete, complementary products were born such as packaging materials, signage, and of course a sales website that included an adapted photographic language that required working with photography teams and characterizing the photographic language according to the brand's values

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