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A graphic design studio specializing in innovative and intriguing ways of thinking, branding, and design in motion, to get the end user's mind to think and react.

We don’t only do online- We work with any platform and medium.
What is Anaba - A boutique studio that thinks BIG. We work between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, covering a wide array of fields in the worlds of art and design
We seek long-term partnerships that provide us with ambitious goals.
We believe that every person brings a unique perspective to the mix.
We want to get to know your world and focus on your needs and the values ​​that mean the most to - You!
We believe in an honest way of searching, together.
Through a joint journey where we help you to express best who you are, in a visual way.
ANABA is us
Ahiad Danziger and Inbal Ksivitzky Delbar
Bezalel graduates of 2013.

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